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October 13 2014

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CAYLA DOLL- Mothers perfect choice

Hi, I’m Lisa my sister has problems with her children they wants to play with the iPad everywhere and this is a threat because they live in a secluded area that they can easily get mugged So, she has to put up with the tantrums whenever they are out and this is what I am avoiding with my own children, the CAYLA DOLL is a heart relaxing doll for me i know that my children are gaining more than what I want. They are learning a lot I don’t have to rush or be harsh on them. My friend CAYLA is there to give every knowledge of the whole external world; there is no need to go out in this hell muggy snatchy world.

CAYLA DOLL is beautifully designed that no one can misuse her, in further words I can say that if someone will ask her an inappropriate or an unsuitable question or ask a meaning of an absurd word the doll will reply “I don’t know”, or will answer “ I don’t know what you are talking about, let’s talk about something else. Parents are assured with a proper security including Google safety search technology, is turned on which won’t allow and search useless things. The doll has no religion, if anyone will ask a question related to racism or if the doll hears the word swear or related to any body parts, internet searches will automatically shut down. Parents can log in to app can add or block any words they would like CAYLA never to mention and can adjust settings of the doll the volume etc so, buying this doll actually caused me to save more than what I have to originally shell out to purchase it. This is my choice for my kids what is yours?

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